Service Charter

Service Charter

We, at FBC Technology aim to provide high-quality service and support and continuously strive for excellence.
FBC’s managers and employees guarantee individual and quality customer service

Principals of excellence:

Professionalism and quality

Comprehensive solutions within the full range of the company's areas of expertise: technical support, application, implementation, support, training and software development. We strive to provide effective solutions that meet customers' requirements in order to promote efficient work both in long-term projects and standard activities.

Speed, efficiency and courtesy

Continued perseverance to problem solve whilst coordinating expectations and providing individual solutions, all with utmost respect and patience.

Understanding and thoughtfulness

Customer satisfaction is the top priority and we therefore take care to give undivided attention to our clients throughout all phases of the connection.

Transparency, reliability, fairness and integrity

We emphasize transparency and insist on providing full, updated information in order to allow our clients to make reliable, fact based decisions with various channels of communication.

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