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Priority College

FBC Priority College – For Better Career

FBC College specializes in management, application and programming courses in Priority. Our college is renowned for it’s high level courses providing an in-depth understanding in the full spectrum of the program with practical tools for day-to-day usage of the program, enabling students to integrate into the working environment immediately upon graduation.

FBC’s lecturers are professionals in the field with many years of experience in Priority, whose hands-on knowledge gives much added value.

Our new, modern learning environment is conducive to high caliber studies. Lessons are conducted partly as frontal lectures and partly live demonstrations projected on each student’s personal screen. Each student is allocated a demo company for training purposes that can be connected to by remote allowing students to continue practicing from home.

Successful completion of the course provides graduates with career opportunities at FBC’s clients, companies using the Priority system and even the possibility of integrating into one of FBC’s departments as implementation specialist, project manager or programmer.

Courses held at the college:

  • Implementation and project management course
  • Programming course
The college offers various additional courses in specific areas in Priority such as report generators, accounting, purchases and logistics, inventory management and CRM.

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