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Upgrade your business and organizational capabilities with FBC Technologies’ modules:

Mobilizing the ERP

Field Services – FBC Technologies’ GIS-based solution provides access to one’s organizational system and core business through smart mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and dedicated terminals in order to make the system accessible at all locations.  The solution provides the management and employees such as salesmen, technicians, supply chain managers (WMS) and manufacturing supervisors with an important management tool.

Track changes/SOX Module

The system administrator can add a ‘blog changes’ tab to all relevant screens in the Priority system, with an option of selecting the fields for tracking changes. This is done with a few simple settings with no dependency on developers and programmers.

Plain paper checks printing

The ability to print checks on plain paper eliminates the need to order checks for each bank separately. The module gives countless designing, formatting and printing options to make any changes necessary.

OutLink module – link between Outlook and Priority

Allows Outlook and Priority users continuity in their work process, from the minute a message is received in the inbox until completion of the task in the Priority system. Included in the module is an option to attach emails to existing documents in Priority and also to create new documents (orders, purchase orders, service calls, etc) based on emails receive.

Credit risk management module

In cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet
An advanced module that integrates Dun & Bradstreet’s business information data directly into the Priority system, thus obtaining real-time business insights with regards to the organization’s customers and suppliers for business risk management purposes.

Scanning module

The module provides a user friendly automated document management solution for scanned files and linking them to the system thereby reducing paperwork and manual filing. The module enables direct scanning for all documents with appendices in the Priority system and also continuous scanning of a group of documents and automatic linking to the relevant screens in Priority, such as scanning and filing signed delivery notes.

Overseas travel module

The module documents, tracks and manages employees overseas travel expenses, calculates expenses allowed for deduction, makes an accounting with the worker and records details of flight destinations. In addition, the module manages a tax table for calculating excess expenses in accordance with tax requirements and also combined reports for numerous overseas travels.

DYMO printer module

The module prints designed stickers from the Priority system through a DYMO printer assistive software.

Purchase transaction invoice module

Automatically closes purchase order lines attached to transaction invoices, links them to the vendor invoice, creates an invoice journal transaction to record the expenditures in real time and creates a transaction invoice tracking report.

Credit card reconciliation module

Records files received from credit card companies and carries out an automatic reconciliation to the receipts recorded in Priority.

Priority Mirror

FBC’s unique Priority Mirror development copies data from the Production system by cloud and local servers to a backup or test server, for the purpose of business intelligence data analysis, backup, and data protection.

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