Priority College

FBC Priority College – For Better Career FBC College specializes in management, application and programming courses in Priority. Our college is renowned for it’s high level courses providing an in-depth understanding in the full spectrum of the program with practical tools for day-to-day usage of the program, enabling students to integrate into the working environment […]

FBC World Wide

International Activity FBC specializes in providing implementation and localization services for international companies. FBC’s activities span over five continents in a wide range of countries, among them the United States, Australia, Nigeria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan and more. The solutions provided by FBC to its overseas customers include adjusting the Priority system to […]

FBC Modules

FBC Modules & Solutions Upgrade your business and organizational capabilities with FBC Technologies’ modules: Mobilizing the ERP Field Services – FBC Technologies’ GIS-based solution provides access to one’s organizational system and core business through smart mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and dedicated terminals in order to make the system accessible at all locations. […]

Business Intelligence

Priority is unique for the wide range of solutions and tools it offers that allows organizations to upgrade their business activities through business intelligence tools such as Qlik-Sense, Qlik-View, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, with the combination of FBC Technology’s experience and expertise: ‘Plug and Play’ Modules for sales, inventory, pricing, service, project management, production […]

FBC Cloud

FBC Cloud Computing FBC provides its customers with hosting and cloud computing services for the web versions of the Priority software. FBC’s cloud services have definite advantages over the use of a local server, both financially and in terms of security. There are direct savings in hardware purchasing, licensing and IT services and in addition, […]


Priority provides integrated business management solutions for commercial and manufacturing worldwide. Excellence: Priority encapsulates the robustness of solution that has many years of field-proven operation. Far-reaching in functionality, yet simple to operate and easy to maintain.  Priority is also in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, IFRS and other international accounting standards (including GAAP). Innovation: Priority is […]

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