Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Priority is unique for the wide range of solutions and tools it offers that allows organizations to upgrade their business activities through business intelligence tools such as Qlik-Sense, Qlik-View, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, with the combination of FBC Technology’s experience and expertise:

  • ‘Plug and Play’ Modules for sales, inventory, pricing, service, project management, production and finance solutions that enable faster TTM.
  • Immediate response to business management and administrative issues at real-time.
  • Enhances better decision-making by managers and other company executives.
  • Considerable saving of management resources, focus on the significance of information, quick data retrieval, and cross-referencing of several databases.
  • Visual data display facilitating quick in-depth analysis, simulations and reality predictions.
  • Real-time alerts per predefined scenarios with the flexibility to changes in the information system.

BI With FBC:

  • FBC’s experience with Priority business process integration allows our analysts to produce effective solutions to its BI clients.
  • FBC developed ready-to-use modules in the areas of sales, inventory, production management, finance and more, allowing customers fast TTM solutions.
  • Our creative thinking and professional expertise will assist you in monitoring your organization, provide you with hands-on information and simulate business outcomes in real-time and at a competitive price.

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